Microsoft CRM Targets With Deep Promotions

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Microsoft has officially dropped the gauntlet. Tired of playing second fiddle, Microsoft boldly declared that 2011 will be the year they catch up to and outpace chief rival in the CRM software market.

“We’re gunning for that,” Microsoft Business Solutions Vice President Michael Park told Businessweek, “We needed to be more aggressive now that we have a product we can stand behind.”

According to Park’s estimations, bested Microsoft’s growth last year by 50,000 new customers. That’s quite a gap to overcome, so Microsoft is fielding some new weapons. The first is the biggest – Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. With both an online cloud-enabled variant and an on-premises installation, Dynamics CRM 2011 should offer new functionality and entirely new ways of doing business.

Of course, Microsoft doesn’t expect the mere existence of Dynamics CRM 2011 to win the fight all on its own. A number of campaigns and promotions all angle to siphon customers away from and Oracle. The first of which is the “Don’t Get Forced” advertising campaign. Based around the simply-named, the campaign implores potential customers to break from their existing vendors and switch to Dynamics CRM. This is notable because CRM 2011 is the first version of Dynamics CRM that Microsoft feels is deserving of a marketing push.

There are more substantial offerings too. Microsoft ran an extended beta program, giving many potential customers the chance to try Dynamics CRM 2011 before it was  released. This gave Microsoft two invaluable opportunities: they could scout out potential bugs and fix them before the first official deployment, and highlight positive customer experiences for advertising purposes. A clever approach, and the fruits of that effort are now evident in the testimonials and interviews Microsoft is all too willing to feature.

The opportunity to use Dynamics CRM 2011 for free hasn’t expired either. Microsoft is currently running a free trial promotion on their Dynamics website to entice the curious. In addition to the free trial, Microsoft is currently running promotional pricing. Until June 30, 2011, you'll be able to lock in a special price of $34 per user per month for the first year of service. While a free trial and promotional pricing might seem like enough, Microsoft has a special deal to specifically target current customers of and Oracle. Any customers currently using software from those companies will get an allotment of up to $200 per user to cover any migration costs or customization efforts. With deals like that, Microsoft has all but put a bulls eye on

And would you believe it, there's still one more factor to bring more customers to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, though this one isn't from Microsoft. We've launched our very own Microsoft Dynamics CRM Quick Quote pricing calculator which will not only work out the licensing costs of either local or cloud installations of Dynamics CRM, but also factor in the integration and customization costs as well. If ever there was a time to jump on Dynamics CRM, it's now, so check out our pricing tool to get started.

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