Keep Your Staff on Script with the New CRM 2011 Dialogue Process

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Consistent processes and pertinent information regarding clients is essential to providing the best service for your clients. The new dialogue feature in Microsoft CRM 2011 can help you.

Be it helping clients through the process of buying a product or assisting them with an issue, data is the key. Sometimes getting the right data is a challenge, usually because we don't always ask the right questions at the right time - causing repeat emails or phone calls from us to the client or from the client to us. The dialogue feature allows you to provide your staff with a script and, if needed, can produce feedback to the client and action items for your staff.

For example, one of your customer service specialist makes a call regarding an open case. From the case, the specialist can initiate the dialogue process that is specific for the group of products being discussed. The specialist is prompted to check information and to ask questions specific to that product. As the questions progress, the answers obtained are stored within CRM for future use. Once the call is completed, the process initiates a post call email to the client thanking them for their time and providing a product specific attachment with additional information. A phone call is also scheduled for the next week so that  the specialist can follow up with the client to make sure the product is still functioning properly.

Even though the above process is for a customer service case, a dialogue process could also be created to assist in the sales process - possibly to assist in the data gathering process or to prompt the sales person with additional products the client might be interested in purchasing. 

The thing to remember about dialogue processes is that they allow your staff to work more efficiently by streamlining the process, handling the repetitive items, and gathering client specific information. This information will assist you in better knowing your clients and better understanding the trends in your business.

by Paige L. Cassada from Intelligent Technologies, Inc. a Microsoft partner in Greensboro NC

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