Microsoft Dynamics CRM Pricing? What Is The Price For Dynamics CRM Online?

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If you are considering purchasing Microsoft Dynamics CRM you need to compare it to the cost of other CRM systems like, NetSuite, or Siebel Systmems. Typically Microsoft's total cost of ownership is at least 30% lower than other CRM software systems.

The CRM Software Blog has recently released a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Quick Cost Estimate Tool, which you can use to get a quick idea for the cost of either Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online or an on-premise Microsoft Dynamics CRM installation.  The unique feature of this tool is that it does not just show you the software license fees (for either online or on-premise) it also estimates the cost of implementation and training (either basic or advanced). While this Quick Quote is not meant as a binding proposal, it does give you a fairly accurate estimate for you to begin your budgeting process. Then you can select a Microsoft CRM partner from our Directory of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partners to work with to get a detailed, customized proposal with final pricing.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be deployed in the cloud, on-premises or you can choose a partner hosted solution that will give you the advantages of both. Dynamics CRM comes with hundreds of plugins provided by Microsoft Certified Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).  When you choose a Microsoft Dynamics partner to implement your CRM system they will recommend specific plugins for your needs and will work directly with the best ISV for your needs.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM integrates seamlessly with your legacy systems and has a native integration with Microsoft Outlook. Because of its tight integration with Outlook, Dynamics CRM has a high adoption rate - your staff will actually use the software and will not see it as an extra step that requires switching back and forth between screens all day long.

For instant custom pricing information for your organization click here to use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Quick Cost Estimate Tool

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  1. Great resource- thanks for this. Price is important to understand and feature set / device compatibility are also key... especially with the amount of new solutions coming out

  2. With the recent launch of Microsoft Dynamics 2011 they are offering really affordable pricing options. As a CRM consultant in Houston, we've seen a lot of excitement about the new Microsoft Dynamics. People are able to try the new technology without the fear of such a big of a financial risk.

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