Expanding the functionality of Dynamics CRM with the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace

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Line of business applications like ERP or CRM systems can easily be upgraded and expanded with the use of plug-ins, add-ons, and custom applications. There’s never a shortage of ways to customize or expand your systems as numerous first and third party applications have emerged to answer the question, “can ___ be done?” followed by a resounding “yes.” However, the question of, “where do you find them?” can be a time consuming one. Scouring the Internet and researching the right add-on or feature that suits your needs and performs precise tasks for your specific product can be a daunting and time-consuming process.

Enter the “Marketplace” concept.

With growing popularity, Microsoft has recently expanded on the Marketplace concept in a big way. With the X-Box, Zune, and Windows Mobile marketplaces, even Windows Vista and 7 have Gadgets stored in a single, convenient, easy to use website. For the first time both first AND third-party developers could submit an application and have it sit side by side on the digital shelves with other first and third party apps. This central repository allows for a one stop shop, broken down by specific versions without the time and hassle spent on scouting these applications yourself.

The recent release of Dynamics CRM 2011 brought the same marketplace concept to Dynamics CRM with Dynamics CRM Marketplace . Based on the Microsoft Pinpoint market, Dynamics CRM Marketplace promises to make finding and reviewing CRM software even easier. Like other marketplaces based on Pinpoint, there is also a convenient rating system to quickly narrow in on the software most likely to do the job.

With the new Dynamics CRM Marketplace, Microsoft has made it even easier to customize and ultimately help users realize efficient and productive CRM solutions that improve their businesses.

By Ryan Bettale, Dynamics Consultant at NexusTek, Inc., your Denver, Colorado area Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

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