CRM 2011…Comfortable as a Cotton T-Shirt

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So I’ve been reading up on the features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and they are talking about the user interface which is easier, more  intuitive, and will save you time.  The look of the product is similar to other Microsoft products.  You’ll naturally feel like you know where to go to do a certain function.  Even though it’s a new version, you feel comfortable using it.   Suddenly, the slogan from Cotton Incorporated popped into my mind and I sing it to myself, “The touch the feel of cotton, THE FABRIC OF OUR LIVES®”.  The thing about clothes made with cotton…they feel comfortable.  Wouldn’t it be nice when we are evaluating software, we felt that same comfort level?

The feel of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

In the new version of CRM it has a new user interface that allows you to stay on one page rather than flip from tab to tab.  Now that’s a time saver – all the information on one screen.

It now has the Ribbon interface that is used through most Microsoft Office applications.  I’ll admit when the Ribbon was first introduced, I hated it.  But once I accepted the change, embraced it and it started to appear in all my applications, my love for the Ribbon grew.  It all comes down to consistency.  Whether you are in Word, CRM, or PowerPoint, you know how the Ribbon works.  That’s a comforting feeling.

In the new version, Outlook is no longer a plug in – it is a true native Outlook experiences.   You have the preview pane with the ability to set  up reminders and follow ups just like you would in Outlook.  Just think, if you’ve never used CRM before but have used Outlook for years, this would be fairly easy for someone new to pick up.  Did you know that there are over 500 million information workers that use Outlook on a daily basis?  That’s a lot of people who at first glance at CRM, have some comfort level with the product because of their Outlook experience.

The electronic fabric of our lives?

Perhaps CRM 2011 will become the electronic fabric of our lives.  All our customer interactions will tie back to our CRM system.  If it is a tool you feel comfortable using, you’ll try to maximize all the available features and perhaps increase your productivity.

So are you wondering if CRM 2011 is a good fit for your organization?  Contact DFC Consultants for a Free Business Analysis so we can tailor a demo for you.

By Vanessa Veflin, North Dakota Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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