4 Ways Microsoft Dynamics CRM Enhances Sales Productivity Through Better Information

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In a day and age where potential customers have access to unprecedented amounts of information quickly and easily, it becomes increasingly important for your sales professionals to also leverage information in order to stay productive.  A recent survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit uncovered four ways that organizations can enhance sales productivity through the better use of information:

  • Rapid access to specific customer information can help differentiate a company’s products or services in the minds of potential buyers.
  • Investments in new tools and services need to focus on the underlying issues rather than the symptoms to be truly effective in increasing productivity.
  • Sales tools need to reduce time spent on administrative tasks and give sales people more time to focus on selling.
  • Involving senior management and consulting with key employees are critical factors to the success of productivity enhancing initiatives. 

Read the complete research report: “The Empowered Sales Team: Enhancing productivity through the better use of information

Implementing the right CRM solution can help your organization accomplish all four of these keys to enhancing sales productivity.  For example, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can provide:

  • Rapid access to your customer and lead data through the native Microsoft Outlook® client, built-in Microsoft Office features, contextual data visualizations, and mobile access, all working together to put the right information in your sales professionals’ hands.
  • Powerful workflows, guided sales dialog, and streamlined goal tracking and approvals that help your sales organization consistently implement best practices that resolve outstanding issues.
  • Embedded Microsoft Office capabilities, full lead-to-cash visibility, guided sales processes, and actionable analytics to help your people spend more time selling and less time on administrative tasks.
  • Individuals at all levels of the organization with the information they specifically need to make decisions. 

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By Socius, Ohio Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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