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Why Customers Choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. SalesForce

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The word is out and Dynamics CRM Online is growing rapidly and beating in deals left and right.  Here is a list of top reasons companies switch from to Dynamics CRM:

  • Save Money – Microsoft offers a significantly lower price than the competition including
  • Ease of use –Microsoft Office Outlook/Excel user experience for increased productivity
  • Better Flexibility – Dynamics CRM allows you to build more entities and workflows over the competition
  • Power of Choice – a system that changes as your business needs changes and allows deployment options of online or on-premise

SBS Group is a Microsoft Gold Partner for Dynamics CRM and ERP. Join us on February 9th for a Dynamics CRM 2011 Launch Event.  Or, view the worldwide CRM 2011 launch with Steve Ballmer on January 20th.

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By: SBS Group – Pennsylvania Microsoft Dynamics CRM, GP, SL, AX Partner

2 Responses to “Why Customers Choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. SalesForce”

  1. Mary Lenehan says:

    Several of our customers have switched from Salesforce because the integration to Outlook is very easy to use and promotes user adoption.

  2. Harm Korten says:

    The only thing MS CRM can do, that Salesforce can’t is creation of records in workflows. That’s it. Anything else: SF beats MS. Simple as that


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