Top Ten CRM Software Blog Posts for 2010

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What topics are CRM buyers interested in?  Take a look at the Top 10 CRM Software Blog posts for 2010.

1.        Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 vs. Why Microsoft is the better investment

9002 views | 9 Comments | May 17, 2010 by Ryan Plourde, AbleBridge

With the advent of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 right around the corner, the choice between and Microsoft Dynamics CRM just got a lot easier.  If you are a business that utilizes Microsoft Office applications, including Microsoft Outlook, choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 over makes a lot of sense.

 2.        Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs.

3976 views | 8 Comments | March 3, 2010 by xRM

When it comes to sales force automation (SFA) and customer relationship management software (CRM), most offices will find the Microsoft Dynamics CRM a superior product to the CRM. Why? Take a look below to understand why most offices will prefer Microsoft Dynamics over SalesForce.

 3.        Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 – What’s New?

2895 views | 0 Comments | July 14, 2010 by Jim Drumm, Sikich

At the July Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft demonstrated the new capabilities coming in its next version of its customer relationship management (CRM) solution, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

 4.        Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Sneak Peek at New Features, Functions and Enhancements

2483 views | 2 Comments | July 29, 2010 by Peter Elgar, Concentrix Ltd

The next version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, due for beta release in September 2010, is being eagerly awaited by business partners and end-users alike. Officially named Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (previously it’s been referred to as version 5 or Microsoft Dynamics CRM 5) the product will offer a whole range of new features, functions and enhancements. 

 5.        Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 – A Closer Peek at the Details

2225 views | 2 Comments | September 7, 2010 by Peter Elgar, Concentrix Ltd

Considering that Microsoft Dynamics CRM version 4.0, first released in 2007, has literally reshaped the CRM landscape, the impact of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 will be considerable.  It will provide a major step in user experience, personalisation, business intelligence, integration, flexibility, and productivity.  And as its release draws closer, we’re able to provide some more in-depth information and details of some of the features and functions this exciting new product will offer.

 6.        SugarCRM vs. Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Which On-Premise Solution Provides The Most Value?

2168 views | 7 Comments | March 10, 2010 by Julie Stankey, Socius

Lately, I have been seeing more and more of SugarCRM in the marketplace.  It makes sense.  After all, when money is tight, many organizations look for the lowest upfront cost instead of the product with the greatest long-term ROI.  It’s true that SugarCRM Professional and Enterprise have one of the lowest per user licenses costs of any on-premise CRM software solution for mid-market businesses, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 

 7.’s Inability to Integrate Their Service with Microsoft Outlook 2010

1728 views | 2 Comments | August 25, 2010 by xRM

Whenever I read a news story about a horrific event or a devastating natural disaster, my heart goes out to the victims of the tragedy. At the same time, deep down, I’m thinking “Whew! At least it didn’t happen to me.” Although there were no bombings or earthquakes involved, I had a somewhat similar experience today as I perused the client discussion forums on the website.  Being a user of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, I have no firsthand understanding of the dissatisfaction that plagues these customers, but I can most certainly sympathize with their distress.

 8.        Using the Import Tool in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Update Existing Records

1336 views | 1 Comments | May 24, 2010 by Ann Haucke, The Resource Group

Keeping a customer database up-to-date can be a time-consuming, tedious task.  While customer records can be individually opened and modified within Dynamics CRM, this is a very manual process which can consume many hours and is error prone due to individual record updates.

 9.        Microsoft launches the Customer Care Accelerator for Dynamics CRM

1259 views | 6 Comments | April 28, 2010 by Sandeep Walia, Ignify

Ignify is a specialist in implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM for contact centers and I am excited to see that Microsoft is releasing the customer care accelerator for Dynamics CRM in 2 weeks. The Customer Care Accelerator (CCA) rolls in the Customer care framework which allows you to integrate various applications into one single unified framework and view. The CCA using the Application Integration Framework (AIF) to enable these integrations. A new section in the Settings called called UII settings has features adding the applications. Both Hosted Applications and Non-Hosted applications can be added as well as workflows that can go cross-enterprise across these applications. Bing would be an example of a web hosted application that may be integrated while a customer portal may be an external hosted applications integrated in. A desktop pricing application may be a good example of non hosted application that is integrated in.

 10.     Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. vs. Microsoft Office Business Contact Manager – the Microsoft Outlook Advantage

1235 views | 1 Comment | June 23, 2010 by Andree Dolan, The TM Group

The other weekend I was volunteering to pick up food for my church’s Angel Food Ministry . (read about Angel Food below).  The guy I was picking up the food with was the owner of a small business and had just hired a telemarketer to call into his client base to drum up some additional business. 

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