Top 10 Signs That You Need a New Customer Relationship Management Package

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With all apologies to David Letterman, this month I thought I would take a look at the top signs that your CRM software needs updating.  You know you need new software when:

1)      You track sales leads on Post it Notes.

2)       You feel sick to your stomach each time you launch your current software, unsure of what “surprises” await you.

3)       Your landscaper has a better system then you do.

4)      Creating sales analytics with a crayon looks more professional then what your package produces.

5)      You were using Outlook 2000 when you installed your current software

6)       Your business has experienced significant growth.

7)       Your pipeline exists only on your conference room white board

8)       No one is sure if a client support case was resolved

9)       Your information is in more than one place and on multiple databases

10)     Staff productivity is declining while user complaints are on the rise

If any of these resemble your current situation, there is a remedy. There is a way to rid your business of haphazard notes, piles of lead sheets, and the very real fear that no one knows how to fix that “quirk” in your current software. Microsoft Dynamics CRM, can meet your needs with ease, quick response, flexibility, and adaptability. An integrated database allows everyone in your business to see and utilize the same data. And, with Microsoft’s commitment to its products and its customers, you know your business’s customer relationship management needs will be in good hands.

By Intellitec Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner serving Delaware

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  1. Strong professional bonding with your customers is no cake walk.
    A good CRM system should be employed in an organization to nurture the existing relationships as well as new business growth.

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