Microsoft Office 365 + Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online= Extreme Functionality!

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With many businesses adopting “the cloud” to streamline their business processes, Microsoft Office 365 is a HOT topic and one you shouldn’t ignore. Microsoft Office 365 is an upgrade of Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Standard Suite (BPOS); it brings together cloud versions of Microsoft’s most trusted communications and collaboration products. When paired up with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (customer relationship management) Online, you’re in for a treat!

Take a few moments to see Microsoft Office 365 in action by viewing this video. To learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online attend a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Launch event in your area or click here to attend the Virtual Launch Event this Thursday!

 Make the connection between these two products today to achieve extreme functionality!

By InterDyn BMI, a  Minnesota Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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