Marketing Automation + Microsoft Dynamics CRM = Higher Customer Acquisition

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Today’s B2B prospects don’t have a lot of patience for irrelevant dialogue. If you are lucky enough to connect with them, you have about a 5-second window to say something valuable before you’re dismissed. Thankfully, marketing automation enables you to get to know your prospects well enough to have relevant, valuable interactions with them.

Integrating a marketing automation platform with a CRM system, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, unites all participants in the marketing-to-sales cycle. The consolidated visibility enables both marketers and salespeople to become more responsive and more relevant by using their expanded access to pertinent information about the prospect.

Below are a few of the ways integrating marketing automation with Dynamics CRM can improve the marketing and sales process:

  • Improves lead disposition. Lead scoring is a powerful tool for ensuring that sales reps are not chasing prospects who aren’t yet ready for sales conversations. The ability to score based on both demographic information from CRM fields and lead activity that is housed within the marketing automation platform improves the evaluation of a lead’s readiness – ensuring Sales is spending their time focusing on quality opportunities.
  • Connects salespeople with prospects at the right time. Marketing automation provides your sales team with real-time sales alerts, tracking when prospects enter your website and what pages they view – giving sales reps the ability to have a relevant conversation at the moment the prospect is focusing on you. Sales alerts not only improve call-connect rates, they also enable your sales reps to have more relevant and productive conversations.
  • Tracks customer wins back to marketing campaigns. The ability to build reports based on any field - default or custom - within Dynamics CRM provides marketers access to the information they need to prove their contribution at all stages of the buying cycle, including closed deals. Marketing accountability is the new imperative and can be very challenging without the right technology.

Aligning Sales and Marketing to function in a seamless, closed-loop process is no small task,  but the benefits  - shortened sales cycles and higher close ratios - warrant all organizations’ attention to it.

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of marketing automation, please visit our B2B Marketing Resource Center.

by Manticore Technology

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