CRM 2011 Global Launch – Wow!

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I watched the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Global Virtual Launch event with my fellow employees,people in sales, marketing, technical support, and administrative roles.  As they viewed the  demonstrations, people murmured about the new features and how they would save time for customers and for them as we use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM internally too.

Here are just a few things that stuck out in my mind and made me think, Wow!

  1. Single code base for On Demand  and On Premise.  Same features, different deployment.  That is Huge!
  2. This is the first time the Cloud/On Demand version is releasing before the on premise version which is an indicator of Microsoft’s commitment to the cloud.
  3. Mixed deployment is now an option.  Wow!
  4. CRM is rolling out in 40 markets.  It’s not just a North American product.  It’s global.   And did you know there are currently over 1.4 million users of CRM worldwide?
  5. Microsoft is in the process of retiring their legacy CRM system and implementing Microsoft CRM.  That’s over 25,000 people who will be using CRM.    Wow!
  6. It is rolling out in 41 languages at one launch.   You could be using CRM in English and the person in the next office over could be using CRM in German.
  7. You can try it out today with free 30 trial version of CRM Online.   You don’t have to wait.   Instant Gratification.  Wow!


If you would like to see how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can work for your organization contact us at DFC Consultants for a free business analysis. Then we can create a demo that fits your business needs and processes.  Wow!

By Vanessa Veflin,  DFC Consultants, a North Dakota  Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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