WOW! What an offer from Microsoft

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Titled "Cloud CRM for Less" Microsoft is making a very attractive offer to new subscribers of CRM Online.

Microsoft is offering CRM Online for $34 per user/month AND $200 per seat licensed if you are on a competing solution (, Oracle on Demand or Oracle Siebel)

Offer starts December 6th

Offer is for a minimum of 15 seats / maximum of 250 seats.  However – customer does not have to match the number of seats.  For example, if the customer owns 25 licenses of a competitive solution, they can buy 250 seats of Dynamics CRM Online and receive the $200 promotion for all 250 seats they purchase.

2 year subscription required

This program needs to go through a Microsoft CRM Partner. If you are interested we can help you take advantage of this offer - 800.796.4854 or visit us at

by Beringer, New Jersey Microsoft CRM Partner

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