Would You Like To Travel Through Time? If So, You Are Going To Love CRM 2011!

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Although time travel is the subject of many a good fiction book, we do not usually see it mentioned in information for software. But in CRM 2011 we have the ability to seemingly go back in time, freeze time,  and speed up time  with some cool new features.

By clicking the Recently Visited Pages and Views button in updated CRM 2011 Navigation pane we are transported back in time to see up to the  40 records and 10 views that were last visited - nicely sorted with the most recent one visited at the top. Once the maximum number to be displayed in the list is reached, the oldest records and views fall off the bottom of the list allowing new ones to be added at the top. If we want to freeze time we can do that by using the pin functionality available in the Recently Visited list. Just by clicking the pin beside the important record or view we will hold that item to the list. Regardless of how many other records or views are visited, the pinned ones are there, frozen in time, not falling off until we unpin them.  A list is cool but how is it used.  This list is a hot link to the records and views listed; click one of the records or views referenced and we are speeding through time as the record or view opens before our eyes. No need to do a lot of clicking around to get to where we need to go.

Another time saving tactic CRM 2011 has is the Shortcut menu for Views and Records. In the left navigation that shows the different areas of CRM, each area hot link now has an arrow that opens a shortcut menu. The menu displays the system and personal views for that area, allowing us to quickly navigate to a view that may not be recently viewed but is nice to get to quickly all the same. This removes the need to first go to that area of CRM and use the dropdown to choose the needed view. Another speeding through time at the click of a button.

Finally we have Default Views and Sticky Views. They save time and freeze it too. The user can set a personal Default View for every area of CRM. Even if the system default is set to something else, if the user has set a default view that is the view that will first be displayed - saving time so that the user views the most important data first when navigating in CRM.  That is until the user begins navigating though CRM.  Then time is frozen by Sticky Views.  Sticky Views allows the user to navigate to different views in different areas of CRM but then when going back to a previous area, the view used when last in that area will be stuck. This allows the user to view whatever view was last visited -  saving more time even than using the Recently Viewed Records and Views button. Wow, my head is spinning with the possibilities. I think time just did a double take on that one!

So as you can see, we may not be able to travel back through, speed up, or freeze time but with CRM 2011 features reviewed here, it will seem like time is bending to the user's will just a little.

by Paige L. Casssada of Intelligent Technologies Inc. a North Carolina based Dynamics Partner

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