What’s Your New Year’s Resolution? How About Changing Routine To Get The Most Out Of Your Project Management Software

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As 2010 comes to a close, many people will no doubt be turning their thoughts to the new year, and ultimately their New Year’s resolution. Whether New Year’s resolutions for you are something you work hard at or just something that lasts the first week of January, they are a good way to get you thinking about changing your routine.

Most of us have some sort of routine or preferred way of doing things. Some people will stop at the same coffee place in the mornings, or sit in the same carriage of the train on the way home from work every day.

Unfortunately though, this is also the way many people approach their use of project management software. That’s why I thought that this time of year might be a good time to consider how you interact with the software you will use each day throughout 2011.

There’s no denying we’re all guilty of it sticking within our comfort zones - our company implements a brand new software solution but we insist on trying to use it exactly like the old one. Or, if we are brave enough to embrace the change we probably find one way to use the new software then stick with that forever.

But as many software experts will tell you, the best way to get the most out of any software solution, be it project management or otherwise, is to continually discover better ways of doing things, try out new options and implement new workflows to better streamline your processes.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

But if you were to make this your New Year’s resolution and shake up the way you do things, you may find you are held back by the project management software solution itself. Unfortunately, project management solutions available in the past haven’t exactly made it easy to improve your interactions with them and often don’t evolve with you as your processes change. Many options available to organisations in the AEC industries today are still being built on very old technology, so while their appearance is often very modern and fresh, the technology that powers them is stagnant and can’t evolve. This ultimately forces you into set routines when interacting with the software.

This is why IPM is built on the Microsoft Dynamics® CRM framework. Being a world leader in software innovation, Microsoft is constantly evolving and progressing its technologies, and IPM is able to take full advantage of these up to date and relevant platforms. It makes it easy to constantly update and improve the way you use your software when the software itself is continually evolving and improving.  

So as your thoughts do turn to your own new year’s resolution, whether you decide to try to improve your process or not, perhaps consider whether your current software does allow you to change it up or whether the technology it is based on is stuck in a rut.

If you would like to find out more about how IPM and Microsoft CRM’s innovative and evolving technologies can help you get the most out of a project management solution, please contact Scott Drushella at IPM Global USA.

By IPM Global, The creators of IPM - a Project Management Solution Certified for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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