Project Managers are Enjoying the Benefits of Microsoft xRM Too

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There’s no denying that the buzz around Microsoft xRM is growing in momentum as more organizations are reaping the benefits of customized software solutions built on the Microsoft CRM platform. This approach has been taken by a number of organizations in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industries who are using IPM, an industry specific project management solution built on the CRM framework.

Up until recently, project management software has been fairly limited to either highly specialized ‘out of the box’ solutions that only fit a handful of organizations, or accounting software moonlighting as a project management tool, but without enough scope to truly help manage a project. However, with the trend towards the xRM concept meaning ISV partners such as IPM Global can build their own solutions on top of the CRM platform, companies in the AEC industries are now sharing in the benefits of customizable, scalable and industry specific project management software.

So what does the combination of IPM and CRM offer companies in the AEC industries?

First off, the CRM framework provides a user friendly platform that works within Microsoft Outlook, and we find this results in a much high user adoption as most project managers are already familiar with the Outlook operating environment.

CRM also enables integration with ERP systems, so the accounting side of the project can still be easily transferred to and from the accounting software, but your project managers don’t have to use project management software that looks and feels like an accounting package. This means users in all areas of your organisation often feel like they are using one program, when really it is a combination of many different solutions all tailored to suit each department.

IPM also utilizes CRM’s ability to customize certain parts of the software, so we can ensure that each organization gets software that is the right fit for their particular processes and procedures.

With all of these CRM features combining with IPM’s ability to create, track and store all of the documents and contracts related to your job and manage schedules and timesheet information, it’s no wonder there is such a buzz around the xRM concept.

If you would like to find out more about how you can enjoy the benefits of an xRM solution for your project management needs, please contact Scott Drushella at IPM Global USA.

By Reef Fielding at IPM Global, the creators of IPM - a Project Management Solution Certified for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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