One Big Reason to Switch from to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

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In August, we shared with you 4 Reasons to Consider a Switch from to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Yesterday, Microsoft sweetened the pot by taking our #4 reason (a lower total cost of ownership) and made it #1 in the minds of anyone considering a switch.  Through the “Cloud CRM for Less” offer, Microsoft is offering a 72% discount per user over the price on a comparable solution AND throwing in some cash to help make the transition between systems.

Now through June 30, 2011, organizations with a current license of (Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate Editions) or Oracle (Siebel CRM or CRM On Demand) can receive $200 for every Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online user purchased!  In addition, beginning in January 2011, the latest release of Microsoft’s cloud-based CRM solution, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, will be available for $34 per user per month!

Interested organizations must subscribe at least 15 Microsoft CRM Online licenses and sign a two-year licensing agreement to qualify.  However, you are not limited to only purchasing as many Microsoft CRM users as you had or Oracle users.  You can purchase up to 250 users at this rate and still receive the $200 per user cash incentive. 

In order to take advantage of this offer, companies must purchase through a Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner, like Socius.  Learn more about the “Cloud CRM for Less” offer and how Socius can get you up and running quickly on a new Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online solution!

By Socius, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online partner in Ohio, Kansas City, and California

1 thought on “One Big Reason to Switch from to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online”

  1. Our company currently runs our own Dynamics and Exchange server.
    But we are going to move to Google Apps for mail.
    Whether we stay with Dynamics, hosted or not, will depend on whether Dynamics supports our use of Google Apps for mail.
    If Dynamics does not we will probably not stick with it.

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