Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Rebate Starting at $3,000!

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As you may have heard, on Monday, December 6th, Microsoft announced a “Cloud CRM for Less” offer.  Given that Microsoft’s release of the Open Letter from Michael Park which announced Cloud CRM for Less coincided with the start of Dreamforce, the annual customer conference…  And given that their new campaign “Don’t Get Forced. Get What Fits.” is referring to… it might be easy to miss that Microsoft’s “Cloud CRM for Less” offer applies to SALESFORCE.COM and ORACLE customers.

You heard that right folks! Now through June 30, 2011, Microsoft will rebate eligible AND Oracle existing customers up to $200 for each user to make the switch to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. When converting 15 users you can expect to save a minimum of $3,000.

This money could be used to migrate critical business information and processes from one system to another. It could also be used to pay down any cancellation fees that might be incurred with another vendor. The offer can be applied for services such as customizing the solution to meet unique business needs. Whatever the case, Microsoft will send you cash to help manage the expense of switching – and start the process of saving money. Full terms and conditions can be found at

Who can qualify?

  • Organizations that currently license (Professional, Enterprise, or Unlimited Editions).
  • Organizations that currently license Oracle (Siebel CRM or CRM On Demand).
  • Organizations that subscribe at least 15 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online licenses.
    • There is a maximum of 250 cash incentives per company, but customers can certainly license more seats than that.
  • Organizations that sign a two year licensing agreement for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

Other Eligibility Limitations (i.e. the fine print)

  • Only available in geographies where Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is available.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online purchases contracted under a Campus and School Agreement (CASA) do not qualify. Due to government gift and ethics laws, Government agencies (including but not limited to military and public education institutions) are not eligible to participate. If you qualify as a NGO you are not eligible to participate in this offer.

Also, A BIG FYI, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online will be available for $34 per user per month when Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is launched internationally in January 2011.

By Sara Corbett, Systematica Inc. –  Microsoft Dynamics CRM California Partner

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