Ho Ho Ho! If Santa Can Use CRM, You Can Too!

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It’s cold and blustery in the North Pole. Children are sending Santa their Christmas wish lists.   Elves are frantically running around making toys for all the good girls and boys.    But then Santa misplaced his handwritten list of who has been Naughty and who has been Nice.   If only Santa had been using a Customer Relationship Management system where he could quickly access this vital information to see who receives a  toy or who would get a lump of coal!

Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM would be Helpful in the North Pole?

Santa receives millions of letters from children around the world.  Elves are able to work in multiple languages to handle all these requests. The elves are entering the childrens' contact information into  CRM, noting their address and checking if they are naughty or nice.  With workflow capabilities, if the Elf checked “naughty” a lump of coal would be dispensed.   Oh no!   If Nice, the toy request is sent to Santa’s workshop.  Oh Yes!    If little Jimmy from New Jersey sends Santa multiple letters, the duplication detection feature will recognize the duplicate records and the integrity of Santa’s data is not comprised.   Poor Jimmy wouldn’t receive multiple presents.  Jury is still out though if this would land him on the naughty list.

As you can imagine, it can be a quite chaotic at the North Pole during the holidays and sometimes lists are misplaced.  Santa or a designated elf can quickly look up Susie Johnson from Sarasota to see if she wanted a rocking horse or a rocking chair.    Using Smart Search, they can quickly look up  the information with  fewer clicks and no separate search window.   They confirm that Susie wants a rocking horse but it appears assembly is required by the elves.    Santa is able to look online to see who is available in the toy workshop thanks to the integration with Microsoft Office Communication Service and open a communicator session without leaving CRM.   He quickly chats with Jeffrey, the new elf about getting an extra rocking horse assembled.   Jeffrey isn’t quite up to speed on Rocking Horse assembly but is able to access best practices from his fellow elves in the Resource Center.  Little Susie will not be disappointed Christmas morning.

Soon Christmas Eve arrives and the packages are packed in the sleigh.  As Santa takes flight, he has access to information with up to the minute accuracy with Mobile Express capabilities.  If Tommy from Timbuktu is pulling his little sister’s hair and his status turns from Nice to Naughty,  we all know what Tommy will find in his stocking.   If Santa can manage all  customers from around the world, imagine what Microsoft Dynamics CRM could do for you?    DFC Consultants can help you visualize how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can work for you.

Since 1989, DFC Consultants has worked with clients in a variety of industries including manufacturing, distribution, non-profit, social services, tribal and professional services.  DFC Consultants is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner serving customers in the upper Midwest for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and GP software solutions.   In addition to offering sales, implementation, integration, customization services and technical support,  we are a Microsoft Certified Training Center that provides training to any user in the area.    Contact us today to see how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can work for you.

By Vanessa Veflin, DFC Consultants, North Dakota Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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