Guarantee Accuracy and Quickly Add New Contacts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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When choosing CRM software you need to know you have a partner who can give you tips and tricks as well as provide guidance and advice in the areas you choose to implement.

Our client needed to ensure accurate demographic information on the contact form so we helped them take advantage of the the special relationship between the account and contact entities in Dynamics CRM.

You can use the relationship between Accounts and Contacts to make adding new contacts easier and more efficient. Follow the steps below when adding a Contact:

* Create or open an Account
* Select Contacts from the Left Navigation Bar
* Click New > The new Contact will contain the Account address

Note: The address and phone number from an Account or Parent Account are copied automatically into a new Contact record. This data can then be modified as needed. 

The same approach works when adding any other related record to an Account from  the Left Navigation Bar. On the Account screen, go to the Left Navigation Bar, click on Activities and then New Activity.  Create a new phone call and notice the form is populated with all data fields except the subject and due date.

 We hope this helps you get accurate data into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system faster!  

Sherwood Systems, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, provides Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) business management and accounting software for small to midsize businesses in the U.S. with an emphasis on customers in Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.

by Allen Hardon, CRM Practice Consultant - Sherwood Systems, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Arizona

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