Find A Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Launch Event Opportunity

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As we near the official launch of CRM 2011 in January, it is important to keep track of all the launch events and product demonstrations available. CRM 2011 has a huge campaign behind it and many different opportunities to learn more about how to sign up and start using the newest, most user-friendly Microsoft CRM. Bing CRM 2011 Launch Events or ask a
local partner about opportunities near you.
No matter where you are you can sign up for and attend the free CRM 2011 global virtual launch on January 20th, introduced by Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer. The virtual launch will outline the ways that CRM 2011 is designed to help your organization drive sales, improve marketing and customer service efforts, and enhance line of business application development. The virtual launch will feature keynote presentations by major Microsoft Business Solutions players so it is not to be missed! Once you register you will be able to view demos, hear success projections, and choose from 15 different tracks that will suit your specific business, industry, or IT needs.
Microsoft will have a live in-person event, March 10 2011 in New York City so if you live in or around Manhattan mark your calendars! The in-person events are a great opportunity to meet with product
experts and to network with partners and customers.


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