Preview of New Features for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (CRM 5)

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Well, with the end of 2010 quickly coming upon us, so is the release of CRM 2011, also known as CRM 5.  Microsoft has released some videos to show the new features of CRM 2011.  To be honest, I’m quite excited about the changes.  I think they’re even bigger than the switch from CRM 3 to CRM 4.  While some of the user interface is different, the basics are still there, but are just better.  While I cannot do a writeup on all of the changes, here’s a few quick hits of new features I saw from their first videos.


  • New menu/Ribbon, more closely reflects the menus you see in Office 2010
  • Can select records in your view by a checkbox, including multiple records
  • Get started Pane – helps users get to what they need faster.
  • Recently Visited list(I like this one!)
  • Will show up to 50 records
  • Can “Pin” record to list so they’re not removed from your list
  • Email link to record from your Recently Visited list
  • When you highlight a record type, you can select a view from a pop-up sub-menu rather than going to the records first, THEN changing your view.  Saves time!!
  • User Defined Default View – Yes, every user can set their own default view
  • Sticky Views – When switching between record types, instead of going back to the default view, it brings up the last view you were using for that record type (lose sticky views when you exit CRM)


  • Instead of using tabs, there is a sort-of hierarcy menu on the left above where your related records are listed.
  • Forms now have a header and footer area that do not scroll when you scroll through a form.  Only catch is, the fields in the header/footer are read only.
  • Can use “Sub-grids” in a form.  ie: list contacts for an Account in the form
  • Can switch records while you have a record form open (easier to switch records!)
  • Can change view when looking at Associated records (show all contacts even though you’re looking at contacts for an Account)
  • Lookup search utilizes System Views

By Saratoga Technologies, A Tennessee Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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