News You Can Use From Microsoft Dynamics EXTREME CRM 2010

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Welcome to some thoughts from my attendance at EXTREME CRM 2010!  The buzz here is amazingly positive, and I am completely overstimulated.  Here's the good news:  I've got tons to share and will be writing more as soon as my plane lands.  For now, here are some highlights.

As you may know, Dynamics CRM 2011 will be a major enhancement to an already strong solution.  Expect significant improvements in functionality, flexibility, integration, and ease of use.   Some of the new features that have grabbed my attention today include:

  • Dashboards – a huge improvement in power, customizability, and interactivity (drilldown).
  • Custom Activities – create your own customer specific activities for tracking with CRM.
  • Role based Forms and Views – now users, depending on what they do, will see different forms and information.
  • Field Level Security – limit what fields people can or cannot see and update, based on their role.
  • Customer Service – almost a complete rewrite with improvements in many of the component processes.

Are you excited yet?  We are.  As if that weren't enough, there are tons of Independent Software Vendors here hawking their wares, and a few to take note of:  

  • Hoovers – Integration with CRM that improves your insight into your customers and prospects, cleanses your data, improves your overall marketing and sales efforts.
  • ExperLogix – Provides guided definition of product configuration process to accelerate quoting and sales process.
  • TenDigits – Mobile solution with deep functionality that works on the Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and iPhone / iPad devices.

Bottom line - the future is extremely bright for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  If you've got it, be thrilled at what's around the corner.  If you're considering it, take a good look at what it currently brings to the table and all that you can look forward to.

by Rick Feterick, Feterick & Associates, Inc. - an Illinois CRM Partner.

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