Microsoft Dynamics CRM Provides Organizations With "End to End" Business Solutions

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CRM systems historically managed all aspects of the sales process - from the time a company is identified as a prospect, through their first order with your organization.  CRM systems effectively managed everything related to the sales process for an organization in one central place.

Microsoft Dynamics changed all that with their CRM system, Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Its XRM platform allows for the creation of entities, custom development, or a hybrid of both for uses beyond the traditional prospect and customer management.  Entities allow for the management of multiple types of relationships, like vendor, student, incident, HR recruiting, inspections, application, cases, contracts, and fundraising management.

More and more, organizations are considering this XRM platform as an option when adding enterprise solutions as opposed to developing new systems on their own.  Below are five reasons why organizations are using Microsoft Dynamics CRM as an "end to end" business solution:

  1. The network of Microsoft Dynamics partners and the .NET development community.  Your organization is not married to the company developing the solution because there is a large community of Microsoft Dynamics partners and .NET developers.
  2. System foundation is already built.  By developing an application on top of an existing platform, it includes key features like screens, security, reports, data queries, and more.
  3. Cost.  Since the technology already exists, your development costs are reduced.  Plus you leverage the millions of dollars Microsoft puts into research and development testing these technologies to perform  precisely in this environment.
  4. Rapid time to development.
  5. Integration with Microsoft Office Suite.

Microsoft is releasing its next version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  The beta is in market now and we are seeing a lot of excitement from those inital users.  As a partner, I am excited to see how Microsoft has development this system to extend the value to more organizations.

By:  Tammy Zeoli, RSM - Microsoft Dynamics xRM Specialists in New Jersey

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