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Managing Security and Information Access in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM includes a powerful and highly configurable security model that you can use to configure and restrict information access according to your business needs. 

The on-premise version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses Active Directory to manage user accounts and passwords.  The online version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses Windows Live ID for user authentication. 

By combining role-based and object-based security settings with your organization’s business unit structure, you can accommodate very complex security and information access needs. 

Both versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM (on-premise and on-line) offer security roles for CRM users.  These roles include:

  • CEO-Business Manager:  A user who manages the organization at the corporate business level.
  • Customer Service Manager:  A user who manages customer service activities at the local or team level.
  • Customer Service Representative:  A customer service representative at any level.
  • Marketing Manager:  A user who manages marketing activities at the local or team level.
  • Marketing Professional:  A user engaged in marketing activities at any level.
  • Sales Manager:  A user who manages sales activities at the local or team level.
  • Salesperson:  A salesperson at any level.
  • Schedule Manager:  A user who manages services, required resources, and working hours.
  • Scheduler:  A user who schedules appointments for services.
  • System Administrator:  A user who defines and implements the process at any level.
  • System Customizer:  A user who customizes Microsoft Dynamics CRM records, attributes, relationships, and forms.
  • VP Marketing:  A user who manages marketing activities at the business unit level.
  • VP Sales:  A user who manages the sales organization at the business unit level.  

If you assign multiple security roles to a user, Microsoft Dynamics CRM combines the user rights so that the user can perform the highest level activity associated with any of their roles. 

We recommend assigning the default roles accordingly in your organization as appropriate, thus ensuring your confidential company data is kept confidential, and restricted to only the correct users of it.  

Sherwood Systems, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, provides Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) business management and accounting software for small to midsize businesses in the U.S. with an emphasis on customers in Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.

by Allen Hardon, CRM Practice Consultant - Sherwood Systems, Arizona Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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