Extreme2010 Report: What is Microsoft’s Strategy and Vision for Dynamics CRM?

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What do the top Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners need to know about Microsoft’s strategy and vision?  Jamie Lucia Tozzi, General Manager for Microsoft Dynamic CRM kicked off the Extreme2010 event in Vegas with a fact filled keynote to answer that question.

  • 1.4 million Microsoft Dynamics CRM users worldwide in 80 countries (and 40+ languages)
  • 23,000 Microsoft Dynamics CRM customers (from small business to large enterprise)
  • 1,200+ Software and Services partners with the Dynamics CRM competency
  • 100+ services provide hosting Dynamics CRM solutions
  • 3,000 new customer trials of Dynamics CRM every month
  • 200+ partners selling Dynamics CRM online in the US

Evidenced by memos circulated by Bill Gates throughout the years, Microsoft has continually been in the forefront of innovation.  In 1995 Bill saw that the internet was the future, “our focus on the internet is critical to every part of our business”. In 2005 he stressed the opportunity around software and services. “the broad and rich foundation of the Internet will unleash a services wave of applications and experiences available over the internet to millions of users.” Microsoft is “all in” in developing their cloud strategy. 30,000 developers are working on cloud services – that is 70% of Microsoft developers. And in the next few years it will be 90%.  Gartner research agrees and issued the statistic, “by 2010, 80% of Fortune 1000 companies will be using some cloud computing services, 20% of businesses will own no IT assets”.

Dynamics CRM 2011 was released to beta in September 2010.  In Q4 2010 Dynamics CRM 2011 releases worldwide (with connectors to Dynamics GP and NAV). And Q1 2001 – CRM 2011 will be released to market.

Microsoft is investing heavily in marketing their cloud strategy, especially around Dynamics CRM.  The new www.dontgetforced.com campaign is an excellent example. This campaign will run through January 2011 with goals of increasing interest in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and competing directly with Salesforce.com’s positioning and perception. (I am happy to report that this site points to expert content on our own CRM Software Blog).   

Also new is the multi million dollar global investment around “Cloud Power”. According to Cnet, this campaign is “Microsoft's largest-ever ad campaign targeting businesses, touting "Cloud Power" and its benefits over traditional server-based computing. The ads, which include TV, Internet, print, and outdoor ads, feature the line "cloud power" with actors portraying different types of customers and offering various takes on what products like Windows Azure, Office 365 and Windows Server can offer. Beyond the massive advertising campaign, which will run for at least the current fiscal year ending in July, Microsoft is also doing a series of events, including at least 200 separate gatherings with more than 50,000 customers.” So watch for these campaigns and leave your comments to let us know if Microsoft is getting its message across to you!

Jamie Tozzi stressed that this is an exciting time to be involved with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, as a partner and as a customer. Seize the Moment!

By Anya Ciecierski, CRM Software Blog Manager

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