CRM 2011 Takes Care of Your Most Valuable Asset!!!

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Data is the most important business asset of any organization and the success of a business depends on the careful and effective management of information. Companies of all industries, sizes, and sectors have identified the significance of data security and are aware of the importance of implementing new strategies and measures to maintain control over the data. CRM 2011 brings some amazing features that can help protect and prevent information from being lost. Take action and look at these new functionalities that will help you improve your business productivity:

Do you wish your organization could:

  • Manage different forms for several groups/ roles.
  • Create screens that are not cluttered by the number of fields displayed.
  • Make navigation more efficient by showing only significant data.
  • Display information that is critical to some employees while hiding data that is irrelevant for others.

The use of Role Tailored Forms in CRM 2011 solves your problems. Different forms can be created and accessed based on several security roles; additional code can also be added to display different forms under specific conditions.

Does your business ever face any of the following challenges?

  • Losing track of changes made on critical fields that prevented good reporting.
  • Accidental changes made to a value and the inability to recover the original information.
  • A lack of historical information to create a trend analysis

The new version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the ability to perform Auditing in several records. This functionality can be configured down to entity and attribute level in order to keep track of any changes made over time which will enhance the analysis of information.

Does your company have any of the following needs?

  • Create a field-level security to restrict access to confidential business information to some users/groups.
  • Allow certain users to read specific attributes based on their role
  • Grant rights to update specific attributes based on user hierarchy or role.
  • Prevent views to display information from fields that you are not authorized to read.

CRM 2011 allows for adequate control over the right to access and update information through the Field-Level Security feature. This functionality enables the creation of business rules to determine which information should be viewed or edited by a specific user/group.

These are just some of the features that are available in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and they will enhance the quality, security and analysis of your information.

By Aliza Levinsky, Business Application Consultant, InterDyn AKA Microsoft Dynamics GP, CRM & AX partner in New York

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