18 Key Events that Shaped the CRM Software Industry Over the Last 30 Years

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The experts over at SoftwareAdvice.com are building a very interesting Interactive Timeline of CRM Software history. It already includes 18 key events that have shaped the CRM software industry over the last 30 years. It's a quick way to understand the context of current events in the industry.  But they want your help – check out the summary date list below and leave your comments about other key events to add to this timeline.

Late 1980s - Introduction of Client/Server Architecture

1986 - First Contact Management Software

1993 - Siebel Systems Enters the Market

1995 - Term "Customer Relationship Management" Coined

1997 - ERP Vendors Expand to Front Office

1998 - CRM Expands Beyond Point Solutions to a Broader Suite

1998 - SAP Enters Market to Rival Larger Vendors

1999 - Acquisitions Lead to Consolidation of the Market

1999 - e-CRM Vendors Provide Stiff Competition

1999 - Salesforce Enters Market as First Major SaaS Vendor

1999 - Nortel Buys Out Call Center Leader Clarify

2001 - Burst of the Dot-Com Bubble

2001 - Sage Enters Market and Expands Through Acquisitions

2002 - Integration With Legacy Systems Becomes a Selling Point

2002 - Microsoft Dynamics CRM Enters The Market

2006 - Siebel Wiped Out In String of Oracle Acquisitions

2009 - New Technology Expands Customer Service Capabilities

Future - Looking Forward: Trends to Watch in CRM

Access full details of the events included in the CRM Software History Interactive Timeline here

Personally, I would add "Mobile CRM" as a trend/event for CRM Software. Accessing on smartphones, remotely, mobile devices. But I am honestly not sure what year that started. Any experts out there?

I look forward to your comments to add to this list.

By Anya Ciecierski, CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics Partner


3 thoughts on “18 Key Events that Shaped the CRM Software Industry Over the Last 30 Years”

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  2. Very Interesting Article!!
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  3. In addition to mobile I think we are seeing another trend that won't be as big but is significant. I think that in the future project management (and all it's variations such as PSA etc.) is going to become an indispensable and fairly standard part of CRM. Having project management software be its own "island" has never made any sense, it's about as non-sensical as tracking service related activities in a different program that your CRM program. companies need a 360 degree view of their resources and scheduling, and project management also often relates to *customers*, the C in CRM.

    So instead of bloated over-complicated project management software that no one but an engineer loves, and that typically has horrible adoption, we will see easier to use PM built right into CRM. We are already seeing this on a basic level with many CRM programs, or in the case of Dynamics CRM we are seeing several advanced add-on solutions. I think the trend is going to continue and in years to come PM being a part of CRM is going to be as common as cases or service requests being a part of CRM.

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