Reasons to Go Mobile with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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For the past 10 years, CRM vendors have been “talking the talk” about mobile CRM.  Now they are finally able to “walk the walk” through the enhancements made around CRM applications, including Dynamics CRM, via mobile devices.  The sole focus around mobile access has been on utilizing CRM via cell phone devices.  However, today mobile device choices are expanding beyond the cell phone to other Smartphone devices, the iPad and other multi-purpose mobile devices.  So why should you consider going mobile?

Top Reasons:

  • Improvements in the devices themselves - larger, crystal-clear screens and network access times improved greatly.  The existence of the ability to multitask on mobile devices allows staff members to talk to a customer on the phone and also access the CRM application at the same time making full use of the device and servicing the customer. 
  • Increased sophistication of the CRM user - CRM users (yes, you!) now consider mobile technology as a necessary tool in their everyday customer support and sales activities. 
  • Applications and software that are now worth using via a mobile device - CRM vendors have improved the core CRM application to interact with mobile devices, including Microsoft CRM.  Alerts notifying activity or changes can be delivered to mobile users, who have immediate access to address the issue in the CRM application and interact with the customer or prospect immediately. 
  • Success Stories of mobile device adoption for Dynamics CRM are on the rise today – HealthSouth, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Blackberry Integration and Award Winning Solution. HealthSouth utilized the Blackberry mobile device and enabled remote staff to stay in touch with doctors, healthcare professionals and to immediately accommodate potential patient use of Health South facilities and services.  The productivity results have been very positive since deployment of the solution.  This successful mobile device solution has won awards from Microsoft and RIM Technologies. 

Going mobile is only going to continue to be an increasing need. If you need to examine your sales processes and needs, please contact SBS Group and schedule a complimentary needs assessment. You can reach SBS at or 732.476.5909.

By: SBS Group – Microsoft Dynamics CRM, GP, SL & AX Partner in Pennsylvania

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