MS Dynamics CRM – More Than a Sales Force Automation Tool!

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Did you know Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a variety of features and benefits to boost productivity and improve efficiency across your entire organization?  Dynamics CRM can be beneficial in the following ways:

Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics CRM will increase the capability of your support team by providing them with a clear view of all cases assigned to them plus the ability to get up to speed quickly with any cases they get involved in through clear presentation of all communications relating to the issue.

The powerful service scheduling module allows appointments to be scheduled quickly based on availability of the required resources such as technicians, transport, specialist equipment, etc.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM will help you improve the cost benefit of your marketing campaigns by accurately targeting your customer base with the products and information that are relevant to them.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM can make massive improvements to your sales activities plans, sales forecasting and opportunities management. You can increase the efficiency of your sales team by assigning leads to them based on the geographical region or territory they are responsible for.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives your sales team the power to manage accounts through automated scheduling of tasks, phone calls etc and gives your team leaders an overall view of the 'sales picture'.

Go Mobile

Empower your employees by giving them remote or offline access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. There are various options available including offline data on your laptop or smartphone and real time remote access via an internet enabled device.

By Liz Nash, Intelligent Technologies, Inc. a NC based MS Dynamics CRM partner

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