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Our RSM CRM team has taken in several CRM 2011 Launch events (Washington, Chicago, Southern California) and the excitement around this next release is incredible.  Every consultant who has seen the new functionality is looking forward to deploying it for our clients. Functions that used to require extensive customization are now baked right into the product.  While there is not yet a Gold release, we have learned quite a bit from the beta release.

While I could drone on about all of the features, a few that I have found extremely compelling are:

  • Dialogs – The ability to create processes and query the user for information and then update data appropriately.  These are important in call centers.  We now have a great tool in Dynamics CRM.
  • A flattened user experience – the application now has fewer screens to navigate to and more critical information is displayed where you want it.  You also now have the ability to add grids, SilverLight controls, lists, and other elements right into your forms.  For example, on the account record, you will have a list of account contacts right on the form!
  • Field level security.  A common request from prospects is field level security.  It will now be a feature.
  • The ability for end users to personalize their experience is greatly enhanced including dashboards, form layout, highlighting, etc.  For example, if I want expired opportunities highlighted in red, I can do that as an end user.
  • The SharePoint integration is much improved.  Document management is now done with SharePoint.  You should be able to connect to multiple SharePoint libraries.
  • Contextual dashboards.  Huge improvements on the dash boarding capabilities of Dynamics CRM.  This level of visualization improves user adoption and allows people to take action on activities happening to the organization.

There are many more features.  I have been in multiple client and prospect meetings over the past few weeks and this new release is going to allow us to address client requirements without resorting to lots of custom code.

If you want to learn more, take a look at .  In addition, RSM will be offering a series of “sneak peaks” around the country, including Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Denver, Chicago, Des Moines, Washington DC and other locations to be determined.  Keep checking our events page for more information as we schedule these events.   In addition, we will be offering free CRM solutions on the Microsoft Marketplace that will further enhance your Dynamics CRM 2011 experience.

By: Mike Nafziger, RSM - Minnesota Microsoft Dynamics CRM  Partner

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