Dynamics CRM Accelerators - What They Mean To You

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A number of bloggers have talked about the Dynamics CRM Accelerators.  These add-ons provide additional functionality that Microsoft has developed for Dynamics CRM and are available to download and use at no cost (for the Accelerator code itself).  These Accelerators include Analytics (extended reporting and analysis), Enterprise Search, Extended Sales Forecasting, and Event Management.

So, what do Accelerators mean to you?

It means cool new features, faster than ever before.  With most software, enhancements are delivered via new releases or “service packs”.  CRM Accelerators are a little different, taking the form of highly structured releases, with firm commitments on delivery dates.  You typically see new versions only every 18-24 months.  By using the mechanism of Accelerators, Microsoft is able to deliver new features more rapidly.  This allows them to fill missing functionality gaps and/or and value without having to wait for a major new release.  It seems sometimes that these Accelerators appear out of nowhere, to make your life easier. Who doesn’t love that?

This is a good way for Dynamics CRM to provide you with features that come out in other systems as well.  One example of this is the CRM Notifications Accelerator.  If you have subscribed to an RSS feed or used Google Alerts, you know what this Accelerator is all about.  Notifications allows you to subscribe to CRM events that have importance to you individually.  And you can choose how you receive these news feeds.  This delivers a more customized / role tailored experience to each and every user. 

You can quickly see how these applications can add to your own personal productivity.  After all, getting extremely relevant information delivered in a timely manner is of high value, because we all know that knowledge is power.

Watch for a continuing stream of new Accelerators, and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have: Rick Feterick, Feterick & Associates, Inc  847-795-8200 x203 or rfeterick@feterick.com.

Submitted by Feterick & Associates, Inc –an Illinois Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner.

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