Are You Ready for Your Auditing Software to Be a Standard Feature?

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Software to audit data changes is a necessary component of many businesses today. Either to monitor malicious behavior or to verify the who changed it, what was changed, when was it changed, and can I see what was in there before of data maintenance.  With the upcoming release of CRM 2011, extra software or customizations are no longer required to handle your auditing needs.

Auditing is the new catchy title CRM 2011 is calling the much needed feature for tracking changes to data in CRM. Configurable from within the CRM interface, it is available on all entities, standard and custom ones. It can also be enabled at the field level. With View Audit History privileges users will be able to see not only who changed it, what was changed, when was it changed and what was in there before, but data added to fields that previously had no data at all. And don't worry about all this tracking filling up your database. CRM 2011 has a log management area where the change log is grouped into three month increments making them available for archiving or deletion.  This area is also available from within the CRM 2011 interface, if you have the correct privileges of course.

Easily configurable auditing all the way to the field level, just one more reason to be excited about the release of CRM 2011.

By Paige Cassada, Intelligent Technologies, CRM Consultant in North Carolina

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