Survey Your Customers Through Microsoft CRM

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Recently a customer posed a challenge to us... they wanted to have survey functionality inside of Microsoft CRM. We designed a survey module that fit their needs and thought we would share how we accomplished this.

Within the survey module in MSCRM there is a survey templates module that allows an administrator to build/maintain the templates. Templates are where an admin. defines the questions and answers that will be asked on the survey. You can have one or many templates for different reasons and let workflow determine the proper survey to use (a template for customer support and a different template surveying the sales experience). Additionally the template allows you to define the specifics of the survey invitation email (Subject, message body, logo).

We built workflow rules that decide when to send a survey to a customer and what survey template to use. A customer will not get more than one survey in a 30 day period. For this customer the trigger on sending surveys is support cases (when a support case is closed a survey is sent to get feedback on the quality of support provided).  

When the customer clicks on the survey link in the email that the workflow sends they are taken to a dynamically generated HTML page that contains the survey questions. The custom link that was generated is specific to the customer's record in the MSCRM system and the support case that the survey was based on.

When the customer completes the survey the results are logged back in MSCRM automatically (logged under the customer and under the support case). If a response is below an acceptable value workflow will email the support department manager so they can review the case and contact the customer.

They can easily report on customer satisfaction statistics.

If you are interested in survey functionality for Microsoft CRM please contact us.

by Beringer Associates, aNew Jersey Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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