Out of the Box Reporting with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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You are an executive with a professional services firm and need to establish a sales process which includes timely on demand reporting.  Your sales staff is currently using Outlook and Excel to manage their daily sales activities and produce monthly reports for management.  

In addition to responding quickly to requests for products and services from leads generated by marketing, your sales process also needs to fit your firm’s culture.  And, you need to manage opportunities with your existing customer base and provide up-to-the minute reporting for the management team.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to manage your leads, apply a sales process, use workflow to automate your process, track all activities for the opportunity and estimate probability, revenue, and close date.  CRM also includes loads of out of the box sales reports which can save your team countless hours in compiling reports. 

For example, your sales team can run the Sales Pipeline Report to see anticipated potential sales, displaying a chart of potential sales grouped by user, sales territory, customer territory, date, products, rating, or sales stage.

 As the Sales Manager, the Sales History Report is useful for viewing a history of sales performance by sales representative, with a chart of both lost and earned revenue.

To see how effective your lead sources are at generating quality opportunities, you can use the Lead Source Effectiveness Report which lists the percentage of qualified leads, and leads that generate revenue for each lead category.

Use the Neglected Leads Report to identify any leads that have not been contacted during a specified time period or the Neglected Accounts Report to identify accounts that have not been contacted recently.

These reports, and many others, will help you shorten up the sales cycle and take better care of your existing customers.  Is this a tool that could help you and your business survive and set you apart from your competition?  I thought so!

If you are considering how CRM might help your organization, contact us for a look. Sherwood System’s  emphasis on superior customer service along with our customer-centric approach sets us apart from other vendors. Discover more via our website. Download “CRM, The Winning Strategy in a Challenging Economy”,  or contact Ed at 602-943-9696 or edb@sherwood.com. Arizona Microsoft Dynamics CRM & GP partner.

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