12 Questions Every CRM Buyer Should Be Prepared to Answer In the First Meeting With a Microsoft Partner

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If you are considering purchasing a CRM software system, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, one of the first questions YOU will ask of your software partner is: How much does CRM software cost? But in order to give you that info, the Dynamics CRM software expert will need to ask several of his own questions first. This will allow the partner to prepare a personalized proposal for your project.
So when you have your first meeting with a Dynamics CRM partner you can expect to answer questions like these:
1. How many expected CRM users?
2. How many total employees within the organization?
3. Do you currently use a CRM system?
• If yes, please provide further information: What system is it, how it is being used, and do you wish to reproduce existing processes?
4. Will you require data migration services?
• If yes, what types of records will need to be migrated? How many total records? Will you require assistance in exporting data into a defined formatted template suitable for import into CRM?
5. Will you require CRM integration to other applications or databases? Please provide information on integration requirements.
6. Do you have existing reports you will need to be reproduced? Please describe.
7. What areas of the organization will be using CRM?
Customer Service
Product sales

8. What level of support will you require for each area? Do any of your current or planned processes include multiple steps or stages with rules-based process management criteria?
Sales pipeline management with multiple stages
Customer Service case management with assignment and resolution criteria
Marketing Campaigns with multiple automated activities

9. Will you want review of your current processes and implementation recommendations?
10. What training support will be required? Complete, overview train-the-trainer, minimal or none
11. What level of dedicated resources will be made available to support the project? (possibly measure this in a ratio of internal hours available against consulting?)
12. What is your time line for implementation?
Once you review your requirements with a local Microsoft Dynamics CRM expert you will be able to answer the all important question: How much will a CRM software implementation cost?
If you are a company in the Illinois area and you want to schedule a meeting to answer these questions please contact us at Crestwood Associates.
By John Fischer, Crestwood Account Executive, Illinois Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner.

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  1. I really hope that any perspective CRM buyer would want to go to a much deeper level of detail than listed here. But it is a start.

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