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Where to Find CRM Customer Reviews

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In a day and age where you can find feedback on the quality and user experience of virtually any consumer product, it is becoming more and more natural to seek out a reference in the early stages of your CRM software selection process. 

However, because of the complexity of customer relationship management systems, implementations, and the needs that they satisfy, it’s hard to find a reliable five-star rating or online comment form for the CRM solutions you are considering.  That is why getting input from product users in your industry early on in the selection process is so critical but also so complicated. 

CRM solution users are businesses, just like yours, trying to focus on their own needs and their own paths to success.  It wouldn’t be very convenient or productive for them to spend all of their time serving as a reference for their business management software.  As a result, Microsoft has put together a “Customer Showcase” of 9 different Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online users from the manufacturing, wholesale, engineering, consulting, real estate, and waste management industries. 

See and hear from executives in your industry how Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online has improved the way they do business and how it could help your business succeed too.  Download the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Customer Showcase.

By Socius, an Ohio-based Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner

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