What If I Want My Popular Web Links In CRM?

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If you want it you can have it! Many of us have web sites we go to all the time, most of them are even vital to our day to day business tasks. Here is a great way to have those links within Microsoft CRM without having to hire a programmer to do it.

By using the Workplace reports section in CRM you can create a report type called Link to Web Page. Once this type is chosen you can add the web address, choose where you want the links displayed, and there you go! Now if you had chosen to show the link in Accounts, under the reports icon in Accounts you can now see a link to the web page you added. 

With the links in CRM you don't have to leave CRM to open the web page and the links are in the areas of CRM where they are most relevent. Happy linking!

by Paige Cassada, Intelligent Technologies, Inc. a Microsoft CRM reseller in NC

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