Talking CRM with your Marketing Manager

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To effectively design compelling marketing campaigns that present new products and services to customers and new prospects, your marketing manager needs powerful, easy-to-use tools with which to analyze your customer and lead base. He or she then needs a way to quickly and easily pull together targeted lists, launch campaigns, track results, perform follow-up, and pass responses to the most suitable sales people.


Your marketing manager's CRM priority: Increasing awareness

The marketing manager wants easier, less expensive ways to help your company sell the right products and services to the right people at the right time. To do this, he or she needs to:

  • Know which products and services your customers are using and your leads are pursuing.
  • Easily segment customers and leads.
  • Quickly create new lead lists.
  • Send personalized e-mail messages to groups of leads or customers.
  • Track which customers have been targeted with past marketing campaigns.
  • Quantify new sales associated with various lead sources and marketing activities.
  • Monitor the progress, cost, and success of marketing campaigns.


Questions for your marketing manager

  • How do you manage lead lists today? How would you like to manage them?
  • How much work is involved in identifying target customers and prospects for marketing campaigns?
  • How do you track marketing campaigns?
  • How do you judge whether a marketing campaign has been successful?
  • Do you know how much revenue a campaign generates?
  • How do you compare the success of multiple campaigns?
  • How are new leads distributed to sales?



Your marketing staff has probably been underserved by sales automation or CRM solutions you may be using now. A CRM solution with built-in marketing capabilities can dramatically enhance your marketing staff's ability to reach leads promptly with compelling messages—and up-sell existing customers through new offers.

By NextCorp, Ltd., Dallas Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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