Our Organization is New to CRM – What Software Do You Recommend?

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Concentrix is one of the UK’s leading independent CRM specialists, so as you’d expect we get a wide and varied range of questions about CRM software. From businesses just starting out on the CRM journey, the initial questions generally break down into two main types.

Probably the most common CRM software enquiry we receive from organisations new to CRM is along the lines of “I need a CRM solution. Could you advise the best one for my organisation?” At which point one of our CRM consultants will discuss what the business is aiming to achieve with CRM, the type of organisation, its key goals and objectives, resources, processes, number of users, budgets, and so on. This is so we can gain a good understanding of the business and recommend a suitable CRM solution.

The second type of enquiry from clients new to CRM is where they have specific problems or pain points which they feel a CRM system would solve. These range from fairly straightforward issues, such as using CRM to improve lead management (which most good quality CRM software will solve more or less straight out of the box), to complex workflows where we would use a product such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a development platform to produce a highly customised and configured solution.

Recently I listened to one of our senior CRM consultants discussing with a client which CRM application was best for his needs. After a few minutes of conversation, questions, information exchange and going over a number of possible options, the CRM software at the top of the list of recommendations was Microsoft Dynamics CRM. In this case, because the client needed quite a high level of configuration, they already owned their own servers, had IT staff that were more than comfortable with the technology and they wanted to ‘own’ their solution, they decided on on-premise deployment.

A little later on a different CRM consultant was answering a new CRM enquiry from a smaller company. The discussion followed a similar course, and the primary software recommendation was again Microsoft Dynamics CRM (the only difference being hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM rather than on-premise).

This wasn’t a one-off scenario. Bearing in mind that Concentrix CRM consultants don’t have any quotas or targets around specific CRM software products (our company philosophy is all about providing the right CRM solution for our clients needs), I hear Microsoft Dynamics CRM being recommended more frequently than any other CRM software. It’s a similar story with many other independent CRM business partners as well. This says a lot about the power, flexibility and features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that it’s recommended as the best fit by, and for so many different organisations - time and time again.

By Concentrix Ltd: a Microsoft Dynamics Partner in the UK

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