How Would the Tour de France and CRM Work Together?

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In the last couple of years I’ve become glued to my television in the early hours of the morning for 3 weeks in July. While getting ready for work, I have one eye on the Tour de France at all times. (Well, almost all times. I obviously can’t watch from the shower.) One of the things I’m amazed at is the advances in technology at this race. Did you know that some of the bikers swallow a little radio transceiver that broadcasts their heart rate, blood pressure, and temperature during the race to their trainer in the team bus? And when I think about the massive logistics in transporting thousands of people across France (bicyclists, trainers, coaches, support staff, medical personnel, family members, etc.), I would expect they use some sort of CRM (customer relationship management) software.  After all, how would they manage all those different audiences – where are they, what are they doing, who is going to the next checkpoint, who is blocking the roads for the race, who is setting up the barricades, etc?!? 

You don’t have to be an organizer of a massive event to reap the rewards of a CRM software system. You just need to have customers and potential customers – and if you’re in business today, then you certainly have that covered. And for the average business, the cost of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is extremely reasonable and the implementation process is relatively simple.  In fact, with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you might just be a “yellow jersey” winner of a company!

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