Extreme Hosting with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

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One of our customers is an investment bank in Washington D.C.  They really understand the value of outsourcing and hosted systems, which allows them to be highly focused on their core business without getting mired down with unnecessary concerns.  We were fortunate to partner with them for their Microsoft CRM customization and hosting needs.  We took the traditionally sales-oriented Microsoft Dynamics CRM product and leveraged it to support their unique mergers and acquisition process, thus giving them a true xRM solution.

Because of regulatory requirements related to the investment banking industry, they selected an e-mail service provider in California that met their specific data retention needs.  So here you have our customer in Washington D.C., using the Microsoft CRM for Office Outlook client, pointing to both their hosted Microsoft CRM server in Alabama as well as their hosted e-mail server in California.  And of course, the Microsoft CRM server and e-mail server must interact with each other via the CRM E-mail Router.  Despite the vast distances between their location and the servers that support them, they enjoy operation and performance of Microsoft CRM as if it was located within their office building.

The common thread between these two characteristics of Microsoft CRM… the xRM concept and the ability to host it in a variety of ways, is flexibility.  Both the ability to customize Microsoft CRM and the many ways to host Microsoft CRM make it one of the most flexible systems available.  In today’s business environment, flexibility is the key to rapid deployment and agile support.

By Alan Camp, 2B Solutions – Alabama Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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