Does Your Outlook Inbox Have More Than 100 Emails in it? 200?

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Are you too busy to read this message?  Do you have unanswered voicemails on your phone right now?  Let us help you change that.  Give us one hour of your time and take charge of your work day.  Join Sherwood Systems and Microsoft on August 17th or August 25th at 10:00am PST for a FREE Productivity & Time Management Webinar designed to help you achieve your goals in your fast paced environment, and you just might win a $50 gift card!

Microsoft and Sherwood Systems are working together to help people just like you adapt to the demands electronic communication and economic cost cutting has placed on all employees.  Did you know that you have powerful productivity & time management tools right at your fingertips? In these challenging economic times – when you have to pick up the slack and be more accountable than ever before – you need the right tools to better manage, track, and optimize your work day.  Improve your productivity by leveraging the power of technology you may already own … Microsoft Dynamics and Outlook.

Learn real world tips on how to better manage your time to quickly become more efficient and effective. Productivity and Time Management experts will reveal simple ways to “set yourself up to succeed” and better manage your day: 

  • Setting objectives & goals
  • Understanding personal motivations
  • Automating routine and redundant tasks
  • Leveraging the right technologies
  • And much more …

Register for this one hour event on August 17th or August 25th at 10:00am PST. $50 gift card will go to one lucky attendee!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM might help your organization.  Attend this no obligation webcast from the comfort of your office.  Sherwood System’s emphasis on superior customer service and rare customer-centric approach set us apart from the masses. Discover more on our website, email or contact Ed at 602-943-9696 or

by Sherwood System, an Arizona Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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