Closed Loop Marketing Reports in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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By Allen Hardon, CRM Practice Consultant 

I can imagine that in this economy you might want to turn up your marketing efforts to attract new leads that could turn into long term customers. How about if I told you that you could…

  • Design marketing plans with a budget and estimated revenue projections?
  • Create planning tasks that synchronize to your Outlook calendar?
  • Import leads from any and all lead sources?
  • Add these leads to marketing lists which can be used again on other campaigns?
  • Create campaign activities such as phone calls and emails which will respect privacy settings in contact preferences?
  • Distribute those activities to the record owners or assign to other as necessary?
  • Promote phone calls and emails to campaign responses?
  • Convert those campaign responses to opportunities, accounts, and contact records?
  • Close the loop with several standard reports that can measure the success of you campaign so you can do it again? 

Standard Marketing Reports in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

  • Campaign Activity Status Report – this report tracks your campaign. The report displays a summary for a campaign, including planned and actual time, details, and status.
  • Campaign Comparison Report – identify your most and least successful campaigns. Compare two campaigns based on parameters such as cost effectiveness and number of responses.
  • Campaign Performance Report – tracks the progress and status of campaigns and provides a detailed view including dates, targets, definitions, responses, and financial returns from each campaign. 

Is this a tool that could help you and your business survive and set you apart from your competition? I thought so! Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you do all of that and more, so your efforts in attracting new customers are as effective as possible. No business has the time and money to waste on marketing campaigns that do not produce the desired results.  But, if you don’t have the means to track your activities, how will you know what to keep and what to jettison at the end of the year? Learn more about Microsoft Dynamics CRM on our website. 

If you are considering how CRM might help your organization, contact us for a look. Sherwood System’s  emphasis on superior customer service along with our customer-centric approach sets us apart from other vendors. Discover more via our website. Download “CRM, The Winning Strategy in a Challenging Economy”, email or contact Ed at 602-943-9696 or

by Sherwood Systems, an Arizona Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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