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Ring, Ring…Telephone Integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 provides numerous features and functionality right out-of-the-box to help you automate your sales, marketing and service operations.  However, there is always room for improvement and ISV or third party partners provide those enhancements.

Recently, when browsing DynamicsDownloads, I found MSCRM-AddOns’ Telephone Integration for MS CRM 4.0 which detects incoming calls and has a pop-up window displaying details. DynamicsDownloads is a new online marketplace where Microsoft Dynamics End Users, Partners, Consultants and ISV’s can sell, buy and download Add-On Solutions.  Test it out for 90 days for free by registering here.

Logging phone activities can be somewhat cumbersome when using Dynamics CRM without an add-on.  The Telephone Integration Add-On allows you to track incoming and outgoing calls within CRM.  It shows the name, number, email and the regarding entry is opened automatically. The best part: it automatically logs the activity for both incoming and outgoing calls saving your sales representatives lots of time! If the caller is unknown a new contact or account can be created.  Two interfaces are available to connect your phone system with CRM: Direct Connection via TAPI, OCS or Skype.

Interested in learning more? Contact Microsoft CRM Pennsylvania Partner, SBS Group, here or email

By: SBS Group – Pennsylvania Dynamics CRM Gold Partner

2 Responses to “Ring, Ring…Telephone Integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM”

  1. Emma says:

    LiiD is an app that tracks all calls and emails automatically to CRM. It gives you the info on inbound/outbound emails, answered/unanswered calls, who made the call and to whom, how long the call lasted. You can also make the customer visits and meetings to be logged to CRM through the app.

  2. Jake Myers says:

    This crm phone integration looks like a good device to use. That would be great if all telecommunication centers would invest in these, it would make being on the phone all day a lot easier.


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