Microsoft Dynamics CRM Helps Not-For-Profit Organizations Do More With Less

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With tight budgets and limited resources, not-for-profit organizations struggle on a daily basis for ways to do more with less.  Microsoft Dynamics solves this problem with the Not for Profit Accelerator.

Often viewed as a sales tool, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides so much more, and is a platform for solutions such as these and provides templates for common functionality including:

  • Basic Membership Management
  • Donation and Pledge Management
  • Case Management
  • Event Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Volunteer Tracking

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform also allows for further configurations to allow organizations to tailor their solution to meet their unique needs.

One not-for-profit client moved from a Grant Program to Microsoft Dynamics CRM and after configuring the system for their needs, they found other ways to leverage the solution.  This has allowed them to experience improved customer service, better service response, and enhance visibility into programs.  All of these configurations have allowed this organization to work smarter rather than harder and do more without any staffing changes.

Watch RSM’s recent webinar to learn how Microsoft Dynamics CRM handles non-profit’s relationship challenges and a short demo of the Not-for-Profit Accelerator.

By:  Tammy Zeoli, RSM, Top Microsoft Dynamics Partner for Not-for-Profit Organizations, a New Jersey Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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