Impressive Benchmark Result: 100,000 Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users with Virtualization

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According to the Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Blog, the CRM team was able to run over 100,000 Microsoft Dynamics CRM users concurrently over several organizations. This is the largest real-world business application workload ever seen on a Microsoft Windows Server Hyper-V system and it proves the scalability of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in private cloud deployments. Using virtualization they were also able to consolidate 20 servers down to just two, which means that if you deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM using this configuration, you can reduce the power consumption, required rack space and management overhead all while maintaining a high level of performance with your CRM system.

Just the reduction of management overhead alone will save your company millions of dollars and resources a year. Some Microsoft Dynamics CRM competitors have in the past argued, "Dynamics CRM doesn't scale as well as our stuff." With a benchmark like this, that argument doesn't hold water. It scales to at least 100,000 users and that's pretty impressive while giving you the highest level of performance possible.

Ignify has deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM at companies with over 5,000 users. Our experience is that scalability is not an issue with Dynamics CRM. As an example, one of our customers handles over 100,000 claims a day across 5,000 call center agents that all use Microsoft Dynamics CRM. CRM does complex claim processing business rules, has workflow that runs across multiple systems and finally integrates an order into Microsoft Dynamics AX when a claim is approved. Another is a $7 billion organization that has rolled our Microsoft Dynamics CRM for marketing, sales, repairs and customer service. The United States Air Force runs on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Another customer recently purchased Microsoft Dynamics CRM for over 25,000 users. If anything, Microsoft Dynamics CRM wins on scalability over the competition hands-down.

To get the full benefits of virtualization, you will need to learn a few new tricks, but overall, companies deploying Microsoft Dynamics CRM for multiple departments or using the xRM framework to deliver multiple applications using a private cloud approach can be confident the scale, economics and performance of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 when using Hyper-V. The complete white paper with details on the tests can be found here.

Sandeep Walia is the Chief Executive Officer of Ignify. Ignify provides design, consulting and implementation services for CRM and ERP initiatives for mid-market and enterprise businesses. Ignify is a Top-tier Microsoft Gold Certified partner ranked in the Microsoft Partner of the Year in 2010 and both the Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle and the Microsoft Dynamics Presidents Club in 2009 . Ignify offers Dynamics CRM to retailers, banks, insurance companies, contact centers and to several other businesses. Ignify has offices in Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Nashville, Chicago, Toronto, Manila, Pune and Bangalore.

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