Forrester Wave Report Q2, 2010– Microsoft Dynamics CRM Leads the Way!

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We’re a little biased at AbleBridge when we’re asked the question, “Why do you feel Microsoft Dynamics CRM is better than other competitive CRM Suite(s)?"  Our answers, however biased, are also educated and based on years of CRM software implementation experience.  They are also based on past experience reselling and implementing several of the current and once leading CRM packages on the market. 

Forrester, an independent research firm, just recognized Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a Leader in the Forrester Wave Report for both Mid-size AND Large organizations.  This is BIG.  It not only substantiates what AbleBridge conveys to customers and prospects, but it solidifies the direction and focus Microsoft has for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  Moving ahead of and Oracle isn’t so bad either.

Here is a link to Microsoft’s official Press Release

by AbleBridge, a Massachusetts Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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