Features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Keyboard Shortcuts

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One of the key strengths of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is that it has the look and feel of other Microsoft products. It also integrates seamlessly with them, particularly with applications such as Microsoft Outlook. What’s more, it’s also extremely well designed. The combination of these three fundamental features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes the product extremely easy to use. 

Shortcuts are commonly used throughout Microsoft Office applications and the Windows operating systems. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is no exception. There are a variety of keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which apply specifically to the product. There is also some cross-over with other Microsoft products, in particular the keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Office Outlook.

Here are some examples of commonly used keyboard shortcuts for easily navigating Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Note this is by no means an exhaustive list. As with many Microsoft Dynamics CRM features, users of the product soon apply these without even thinking about them.  And as well as improving the productivity of staff, features like these also help with user adoption and with getting new users up and running quickly and  efficiently.

Action Press
Select all text in the current field or current list CTRL+A
Close an active form ALT+F4
Move forward through a form's fields TAB
Move backward through a form's fields SHIFT+TAB
Save a form CTRL+S or SHIFT+F12
Save and close a form ALT+S
Expand/collapse Form Assistant CTRL+SHIFT+F
Cancel edits and close a form ESCAPE
Delete a record CTRL+D
Save and then open a new form CTRL+SHIFT+S


You can use keyboard shortcuts to move smoothly around the Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook folders in Microsoft Office Outlook. The following set of keyboard shortcuts are Microsoft Office Outlook shortcuts and are not specific to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Using similar functions and features of other Microsoft products again helps accelerate the learning, uptake, and adoption process.

Action Press
Switch to Mail CTRL+1
Switch to Inbox CTRL+SHIFT+I
Switch to Outlook Calendar CTRL+2
Switch to Outlook Contacts CTRL+3
Switch to Outlook Tasks CTRL+4
Display the Address Book CTRL+SHIFT+B
Create a new Appointment CTRL+SHIFT+A
Create a new Contact CTRL+SHIFT+C
Create a new Task CTRL+SHIFT+K
Check Spelling F7


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the easier CRM products to learn, which means you can get the application up, running, and working for your business quickly and efficiently.  Of course, if you decide to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM, then your business partner will  be able to provide comprehensive CRM training and support material which will include tips and tricks like this. 

By Concentrix Ltd: a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner in the UK

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