Microsoft Dynamics CRM used by IT Help Desk for Case Management

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When your organization is contacted - whether it’s by telephone, e-mail, or handwritten letter - and this is the type of activity which needs to be tracked, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has out of the box Customer Service functionality to manage these activities. Case Management is a tool for your customer service agents which provides transparency to the issues and resolutions and with automation, helps reduce the handling times to the resolution.

This activity includes a Customer Service Agent (CSA) opening a case and entering information about the contact and their issues. The contact can be external, such as client or vendor, or as in this example, internal to the organization where a large private equity group is utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Case Management to manage their IT Help Desk.

Our client chose to automate this process using a workflow assembly.

When an email is sent to their IT help desk regarding support incidents, a workflow is triggered which determines if the subject is related to internal support and if the person sending the email currently exists as a contact in CRM. Through workflows, it seeks on the sending user’s email address to determine if the contact exists as a contact in CRM and a new case is created with an email to the help desk alerting them to the new case. The original email is updated and sent to the originator with a link back to the case for historical audit purposes. Activity records are added to the contact and case.

When a case is assigned to an IT technician a different workflow is kicked off informing the new owner of the case. Then it’s up to the new owner to work on the case and mark accordingly when completed. Alerts can also be created to check the status of the case and whether the case has been assigned. If after one hour the case is not assigned, the Help Desk Manager is emailed alerting him to the unassigned case in the queue. Therefore, a workflow can be created based on condition (new to queue) or time (after an hour) depending on your needs and perform a variety of functions (email message, add new record, etc).

At RSM, we have experienced Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultants with an understanding of business process improvement. Not only can they develop the workflows to automate the tasks, they can make suggestions on ways to improve the business process and streamline your operations.

Through automation, end-users are delivering consistent customer service, saving money, and keeping their customers happy.

By Sarah Drews, RSM, Microsoft Dynamics Partner for Customer Service Management, a New Jersey Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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